Since 1996, I've taught privately at music stores, homes, on the road and via the Internet. I've also given masterclasses, clinics and presentations at music conferences, music stores, elementary schools, high schools and universities.

I'm constantly learning and seeking out more knowledge and experiences every day. I also believe it's important to pass on the knowledge we gain as we explore and journey through life. It's important to keep music alive in the tradition that it has been passed on for generations. There is simply no substitute for learning one-on-one, live and in person, from someone who's tread the path before you.

If you are interested in booking a private lesson, masterclass, or clinic, just send me an e-mail:

If you don't live in Austin,TX, Nashville,TN or Atlanta,GA areas, feel free to check my tour schedule and we can line something up when I come through your area!

Alternatively, I can also give lessons via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype
Just contact me
here and we'll make it happen!

Areas of Focus

Drumset (all styles)
Cajon (with hands,brushes,and even a reversed kick pedal)
Hybrid Drum/Percussion techniques and set-ups (I have my own approaches based on a variety of traditions and techniques that I've developed over the last 10+ years)
Black Swan Drum
(hybrid of Riq, Pandeiro, and Kanjira)
Frame Drums
(lap style with hands or hand & brush)
Rudimental Snare Drum

Concepts of time for all instrumentalists (exercises and ideas to make your time and feel be rock solid)
Shakers/Tambourines/Auxiliary Percussion (for non-percussionists or drummers looking to foray into the world of percussion)
Odd time signatures
(using North and South Indian syllable systems to give you confidence with ANY time signature)
Adding foot percussion to your set-up (for drummer/percussionists OR any other intrumentalists/vocalists)

My Studies

Aside from being a Berklee College of Music Alumni and studying with many of the fine faculty there, I have also studied music privately with many other wonderful teachers including: Jeff Sipe aka Apt.Q258 (drumset), Count Mbutu (congas), Jamey Haddad (frame drums/Hadjira/ocean drum), Bob Moses (drumset), Roberto Viscaino (congas), Jerry Leake (tabla), Arvin Scott (drumset), Jeff Kirschner (classical percussion), Randy Wickstrom (rudimental snare), Jack Dukes (drumset), Woody Williams (drumset), Ted Howe (piano/harmony), Suzanne Hosea (piano), Dr. Steven Everett (trumpet), Joe Bader (trumpet), and Mark Baxter (voice)

I've also attended too many masterclasses and clinics to list and learned SO MUCH MORE through my experiences performing, touring, and recording with a wide variety of artists for the last 25+ years!

Download Lessons

Here's a sample lesson I did in partnership with X8Drums a few years back. I'm currently working on a series of downloadable lessons that I hope to have available soon!